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YouBox is the first self storage company in Greece and follows the standards of a widespread industry in the US, Great Britain and Northern Europe. Our main goal is to meet the needs of domestic and professional storage with flexible and economical solutions. Our facilities provide:

Choose a storage unit according to your requirements, among various sizes.

In our facilities, you will be able to select a storage of:

3 sqm - 4 sqm - 5 sqm - 6 sqm - 8 sqm - 10 sqm .... or even larger.

- 24h surveillance with 

  DVR Web Security Cameras

- Alarm System

- Central security locks

- Fire Detection Systems

- You enter our facilities with a personal code or card, using our access control system.

- You use a private key for your unit.

- You can visit your unit:

from 08:00 to 22:00 every day,

365 days/year

...and low prices

Our charges are very affordable, unique in the local market.

The basic charge starts from just € 30 per month !!!

Optional customized packages, using our trucks and movers, based on your exact needs, budgets and schedules.

Upon request, an appointment can be arranged with one of our associates to estimate transportation cost as well as the  storage size you need.

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